April 20, 2022

Top Barware Tools

Whether for personal use or as gifts, this is our collection of the top barware tools needed for any home bar enthusiast!
Two glencairn glasses on a counter
Image via Glencairn Crystal Studio

When setting up one's own home bar, it's obvious that the barware is an important aspect of it all. Maybe you're just starting out in crafting your own home bar experience, or you have a loved one that you'd like to give something they'd use often and cherish. Either way, we have a collection of barware essentials from the perspective of a whiskey enthusiast who values both convenience and experience.


It sounds simple, but hear us out on this one. A universally-recognized form factor, the whiskey tumbler is a short glass that is great for casual sipping. The relatively large class is also a great host for ice of various shapes and sizes, from simple freezer cubes to large ice spheres.

Being a straightforward design, of course many have attempted to innovate and add functionality to the humble tumbler. From intricate added designs to the glass, to ledges that hold all manners of cigars and accessories, there's no shortage of "revolutionary" changes to the tumbler. In my opinion, I'd trade any of those gimmicks for a simple, high-quality tumbler. Let the glass do its sole job perfectly, and we'll let the whiskey speak for itself.

Glencairn Glasses

While the tumbler is made for versatility, the Glencairn has a more specific purpose in mind. This elegantly curved glass is best used for sipping neat whiskey, and is my go-to when opening a bottle for the first time. The design makes it easier to "nose" the whiskey, and allows you to fully experience the flavors imbued in the spirit. Not too many are familiar with this kind of glass, so it's a great way to surprise the whiskey lover in your life (or yourself) with something that's relatively inexpensive, and very effective.

A Bar & Craft Ice Ball Press Kit

Simplicity and versatility is important to us when it comes to barware, and it's ever apparent in our own ice ball press. For those that aren't familiar with the tool, an ice press is used to form perfect ice spheres out of large ice cubes. The ice sphere is the best way to have any drink with ice, whether it's a whiskey on the rocks or an elaborate cocktail. The slow-melting ice sphere draws out the cooling process, keeping your drink cooler for longer while minimizing dilution.

A few ice presses exist, but none as special as the Bar & Craft Ice Ball Press Kit. It has a minimalistic and industrial design that fits in any bar, and can serve as a centerpiece for one's collection. It comes as a full kit, so there are no surprises down the road as you use the ice press. It comes in a striking reusable wooden box that you can use to store the press and transport it (to show it off, of course). Most importantly, it comes at a price far lower than most ice presses in production, and blows the entire industry away in terms of value.