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Our famous ice press
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Bar tools made for everyone

The perfect tool for whiskey enthusiasts & home mixologists

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Our Mission

Bar & Craft aims to become the world’s leader in innovative barware. We will put the experience first so that when people make anything from a simple scotch on the rocks to a Rusty Nail, they will feel like masters of the craft creating something special.

Our Promise



We stand by our product, and are confident that you'll love what we have to offer. Bar & Craft creates tools designed to last a lifetime, so our door is open to make things right.



"Craft" is in our name for a reason. Your passion for spirits and mixology isn't about getting from point A to point B, it's about the journey. Bar & Craft delivers.



Our ice press is crafted using aircraft-grade aluminum and is individually washed, all done in the USA.



The ice press is just the start. We are on a mission to reinvent barware from the ground up, so keep an eye out on products we introduce in the future.

Our Goals

To set new trends in the barware industry. Most have cocktail shakers and muddlers, but nearly everyone lacks specialty tools that help them do one thing very well. Like in any hobby or profession, the right tools get things done. By providing those tools, as well as outstanding service and quality, we will have educated the world that there are more ways to enjoy their passion than what is currently available.