Bar & Craft Ice Press Best Practices

Hi there! First off, thanks again for purchasing an ice press. This page is intended to show you the best ways to use the ice press to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

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In the future, expect to see this page built out with more graphical representations of best practices with the ice press!

To best use the ice press, it's important to first understand how it actually works. It seems like magic at first glance, however what's really happening is that the press is melting away the sides of the ice cube until both sides meet, creating the perfect sphere.

The ice melts because the ice press is room temperature, while the ice cube is at a freezing temperature.

The most efficient way to use the ice press is by WARMING UP THE ICE PRESS WITH WARM WATER first. This way, it'll melt the ice faster and reduce the chance of the ice press getting too cold and not completing the press.

Everything you need is included in the box! Use the ice mold to freeze your cubes for the press, the bar mat to catch residual water, and the ice tongs to remove the ice sphere once the press is done.